Central Dauphin High School Class of 1959


At our 55th Reunion's Saturday night dinner festivities, Bill Alexander donated this slightly-used 1958-1959 Pennsylvania license plate, which he'd had in a box since we were students. The plate is to be auctioned to members of the class with the final proceeds used to start the fund for our 60th Reunion in 2019. This page will be updated manually (nothing too sophisticated here) as bids come in.

Bids will be accepted through October 31st, 2014. Place your bid now!

CD59 License Plate
CD59 License Plate

The Current High Bid

Bonnie Reese Hindman$100
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60th Reunion
???, 2019

55th Reunion
19-21, 2014

50th Reunion
18-20, 2009

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It's Monday the 22nd of January at 12:46 in our neighborhood.